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Cheap No Limits Phone Sex

Cheap No Limits Phone Sex

Date 2017-08-04 03:18:45 03:18:45

The truth is this article was apparently so controversial that it got us banned from Facebook and Youtube (so we added a little 'fuck you' Facebook picture to our post.

The post itself was not too provocative, so it's a mystery which it caused such issues. I mean that we are talking about phone sex -- not prostitution, human trafficking or anything else like that. Harmless adult-only entertainment. But apparently the concept of adults discussing forbidden topics is too much to get a few social media platforms. Most likely a few years ago it might have been fine, but today Facebook is owned by their advertisers and completely free speech doesn't apply anymore. Sure that you can open a account and also speak about intense religious views that eventually bring about crazy radicals due to killing sprees, however, you can't speak about taboo phone sex.

No limits phone sex is significant -- in reality it's the entire point of phone sex. Lately a major player in the phone sex industry published new rules which basically eliminated taboo topics. Not certain why, but it looks like a bad move. What do we know though, after all is only a small phone sex services. But in our opinion it makes no sense to restrict exactly what consenting adults and chat about. And it's unpatriotic. That might sound a little co y, but actually once you start telling individuals what they can and can't say you are moving against one of our most important rights.

No Limits Phone Sex is always your finest Phone Sex

Besides who wants to get boring old vanilla phone sex? That seems like a total waste of time and also lacks some real imagination. We're fortunate to have a few really creative clients that have some crazy dreams. And that is part of the enjoyment! In reality that is the whole point.

For example let's take a look at a really basic and not so taboo subject. In this example a customer calls because he finds himself sexually attracted to his servant. But he cannot help that he fantasies about her and also tries to peek iin our her when she's in the shower or changing clothes in her room.

Of course he cannot tell his friends or his family. And he is not planning on actually doing anything 'real' about this fantasy. But talking to a person on the telephone about it could be a very erotic experience. Actually that the phone sex operator can even play the part of his servant and he could live out his dream through role-playing.

So of course we do not limit what you're able to talk about and we do not judge. In fact we encourage you to express yourself and live out your fantasies with our performers.

No limits phone sex is just one of the reasons we are the fastest growing mobile sex site on the web. Please stop by, register for free and start making friends on our website. Your details are 100% safe and you're going to be amazed at all the extraordinary features we have available.


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